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Austin Rents

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Looking for temporary or longer-term room to rent [May. 10th, 2009|12:32 pm]
Austin Rents

Hello, all--my husband and I (and two turtles) are planning to relocate from Seattle to Austin in June. Our housesharing plans fell through because our friends had some things come up and now need the room we were going to rent. We're looking for either a room we can rent through the summer (possibly longer) or even crash space we can rent for a few weeks while we find a sublet after we get there.

We do have local friends who can come by and vouch for the fact that we're not serial killers or raving hysterics. Read more...Collapse )
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Looking for roommate for 2 bedroom townhouse apartment in North Central Austin. [May. 6th, 2009|09:47 pm]
Austin Rents

Our roommate is moving on June 30, so we're looking for someone to share our 1204 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse apartment on July 1.

You will have a huge bedroom (roughly 14x20, I believe), two walk-in closets, and a full bathroom all to yourself. There's also plenty of room in the living and dining rooms for any couches or other such furniture you might have, as we don't use those rooms too much.

We're a lesbian couple, so you'll need to be queer-friendly. We are likewise accepting of others, and we tend to keep to ourselves, but we're quite friendly and good roommates.

We have a cat, so if you've got cat allergies you may want to try somewhere else. :)

The apartment is near the #10 bus line, and a quick bike ride from the North Lamar transit center. The neighborhood is friendly, and well-lit at night.

Rent is $375. You'll also pay half of the water bill (so about $20-$30) and of the electic bill (about $40-$60). If you'd like to share our broadband internet (with wireless), that's $25.

This offer is open to couples as well as individuals; goodness knows there's enough room! :) Drop us a line if you're interested in coming to see the place.
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summer sublet! [Apr. 27th, 2009|07:06 pm]
Austin Rents
hi, all!

i'm going to be zipping off to NYC for the summer, and i'm looking for folks to take over my lovely, luxury apt in the Triangle.

BIG one bedroom, perfect for a couple looking to summer in the ATX, or a young professional who's over the whole roommate hassle thing. Fully furnished, big kitchen w/island, concrete floors, granite countertops, patio overlooking Triangle Park. (In the Triangle: Flying Saucer, Sago, and Mandolas yum yum yum.) Giant bathroom, walk-in closet, tons of storage.

$1200 + bills. Right on the 1, 101, 481 and IF shuttle. email me: andrea.grimes@gmail.com with your preferred move in/out dates. Totally flexible with all that, and am totally flexible with rent. Let me know what works for you. Please feel free to pass the post on to potential inhabitants!

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South Austin Home for rent! [Nov. 20th, 2008|10:22 pm]
Austin Rents


Cute 3 bedroom single family home with finished garage that could probably double as another room if you wanted it to. This house has a fully fenced yard with trees, outdoor chimney style fireplace, and picnic table. The backyard is perfect for bbqs! Driveway and decent size front yard as well.

It will be available Jan. 1st or a little sooner if needed. This house is off First near Williams Cannon. It is a very artsy colorful home both in and out. Not on a busy street, but a two minute walk to major bus line on south first.

*requires a 6 month lease, $850 deposit, $200 pet deposit (no cats per the owner sorry!)

*there is no washer and dryer but there are hookups!

*Central A/C (works great!), fridge, gas stove

*rent from owner, not rental company

I have pics if you are interested although it looks like this community is sort of asleep!
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Feedback on properties in NW Austin [Aug. 22nd, 2008|10:03 pm]
Austin Rents

I tried looking at apartment ratings websites, but they are all primarily occupied with leasing agents telling outright lies and the people who've lived the worst-case scenarios.

I'm moving into the 620/183 area in late November. Ideally, I'll be as close to that intersection as possible (I've been focusing my search on the part of 620 between Parmer and 183, though I can go a bit further than that).

Specifically, I've been looking at four properties, and would like to get some feedback from people who've lived there.

The properties I'm looking at are:
1) The Artisan
2) Talavera
3) The Ranch
3) Presidio

Is Trinity as bad at the first two properties as they were when I lived at International Residence? What are the utilities like? Does noise carry, or can my neighbor have his stereo on at night without waking the entire building?

Finally, if you know of any similar properties in the area, feel free to suggest them. Not older properties like International or Hunters Chase, but newer properties. Also, I'm already aware of the Remington, but they're out of my price range. Thanks!
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$500 room for rent in Windsor Park duplex, all bills paid [Jun. 25th, 2008|01:33 pm]
Austin Rents

I have an unfurnished bedroom to rent in my 2-bedroom, 1-bath duplex to someone who doesn't smoke inside, isn't too loud, and doesn't mind cats (There are two).

The neighbourhood is quiet and friendly. It's a short drive from UT campus, and quite near several major bus routes.

All bills paid, including broadband wireless internet. No Cable TV. Full-sized washer and dryer. You're free to use the kitchen as much as you like.

Cats are fine. Dogs of any size are not.

Move-in through the first week of July.

See pictures for images of the room, the front yard, and the back yard. please pardon the spots--they're not ghostly orbs, I just need to clean my camera lens! ;)

The room in question

Another view

Front yard

Back yard

Contact me if you're interested!

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3 BED / 2 BATH CONDO AT 26TH AND NUECES [May. 11th, 2008|07:35 pm]
Austin Rents

Hey guys, my roomies and I unrenewed our lease and we need somebody to take over it ASAP! So here is all the basic info.

- 3 bed / 2 bath at 501 W. 26th St. Apt. 103 (1 block away from UT)
- $2295 per month, perfect for 3-4 people
- will be available to move into on August 7th
- comes with 3 parking spaces
- a nice balcony facing Nueces
- a pool in the courtyard
- large living room
- washer/dryer included
- roomy closet space
- dishwasher included

If you are seriously interested and would like to look at the apartment, contact us at condo103@gmail.com. We are willing to show you if you tell us in advance.

And to see pictures of the place:
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2008|04:45 am]
Austin Rents

Someone told me there is such a thing as a room mate locator (I am assuming this like an apt locator).  Does anyone here in Austin have experience with this?  Any recommendations on what I should look for?  Or any recommendations on who to use here in Austin?

Any body know of anyone looking for a possible room mate in August?

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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2008|11:46 pm]
Austin Rents

Has anyone here had any experience finding room mates? I have looked at Craigslist and Roommates.com but both are either offering a room or someone looking to fill a room they already have. I am looking to meet someone and look for a 2 bedroom apt in August. Any advice on where to find that?

And just in case any one here is looking for the same sort of thing...

I am looking for someone to share an apartment with in any of these locations: Round Rock, Cedar Park, or Arboretum area.

I want to look for an apartment in the 1000.00 range which would be 500.00 per person per month.

Looking preferably for a female ages 25-35, but am open to living with males as well.

I have 2 cats, so no other pets.

I have a fully furnished apartment now so all you would need to furnish is furniture for your own bedroom (and a nicer tv if you have one, mine is on its last legs)

Thanks in advance!
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$574 Summer sublet! Private bed/bath, ALL BILLS PAID! Perfect for UT/ACC! (Longhorn Landing) [Mar. 29th, 2008|03:54 pm]
Austin Rents

Num Rooms: 1
Num Baths: 1
E. Riverside Dr. (near Wickersham Lane)
Square Footage: 880
Dogs Allowed
Cats Allowed
Smokers Allowed

Available for move in IMMEDIATELY, as I've already moved out! I am also willing to negotiate for a summer move in. I've paid March's rent, and I will gladly pay half of April's rent and the sublet takeover fee if you are available to move in right away! If you move in in May for the summer, you would pay May's rent, and I'd pay the sublet fee. I am willing to negotiate this, however, and pay part of May's rent as well.

My lease expires on September 8th (rent for those 8 days of September are FREE) apartment complex is Longhorn Landing, and the lease is for 1 bedroom/1 bathroom in a 2/2. Utilites are included in the rent, so you only have to worry about one check a month. My roommate is very quiet and studious, so you will have no problem being able to study in the apartment. My roommate does prefer a female roommate.

As I have already moved out and moved across the country, I will get you in touch with the apartment manager if you want to see the apartment.

There are numerous UT shuttle stops near the apartment (Crossing Place, North Riverside, Wickersham Lane), and plenty of parking in the complex if you have a car. The 26 city bus line also runs in front of the apartment, in case you need to go to ACC or downtown areas that are not close to UT. A washer/dryer is included in the apartment, and you get free cable and high speed internet. As well, the complex is gated, and has two pools, and FREE massages that you can take advantage of.

Pics of the room are available here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg73/llapartment

If interested, please contact me at mmasaveu@gmail.com. I can give you my phone number at that time. Serious inquiries only, please!
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