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summer sublet! [Apr. 27th, 2009|07:06 pm]
Austin Rents
hi, all!

i'm going to be zipping off to NYC for the summer, and i'm looking for folks to take over my lovely, luxury apt in the Triangle.

BIG one bedroom, perfect for a couple looking to summer in the ATX, or a young professional who's over the whole roommate hassle thing. Fully furnished, big kitchen w/island, concrete floors, granite countertops, patio overlooking Triangle Park. (In the Triangle: Flying Saucer, Sago, and Mandolas yum yum yum.) Giant bathroom, walk-in closet, tons of storage.

$1200 + bills. Right on the 1, 101, 481 and IF shuttle. email me: andrea.grimes@gmail.com with your preferred move in/out dates. Totally flexible with all that, and am totally flexible with rent. Let me know what works for you. Please feel free to pass the post on to potential inhabitants!