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Feedback on properties in NW Austin [Aug. 22nd, 2008|10:03 pm]
Austin Rents


I tried looking at apartment ratings websites, but they are all primarily occupied with leasing agents telling outright lies and the people who've lived the worst-case scenarios.

I'm moving into the 620/183 area in late November. Ideally, I'll be as close to that intersection as possible (I've been focusing my search on the part of 620 between Parmer and 183, though I can go a bit further than that).

Specifically, I've been looking at four properties, and would like to get some feedback from people who've lived there.

The properties I'm looking at are:
1) The Artisan
2) Talavera
3) The Ranch
3) Presidio

Is Trinity as bad at the first two properties as they were when I lived at International Residence? What are the utilities like? Does noise carry, or can my neighbor have his stereo on at night without waking the entire building?

Finally, if you know of any similar properties in the area, feel free to suggest them. Not older properties like International or Hunters Chase, but newer properties. Also, I'm already aware of the Remington, but they're out of my price range. Thanks!