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We 're having a really difficult time finding a 3 bedroom… - Austin Rents [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 23rd, 2008|08:16 pm]
Austin Rents


We 're having a really difficult time finding a 3 bedroom (centrally/centrally-south located) that doesn't have rent that is out of control. Our budget is up to $1300 (higher than I really have ever considered paying for rent before) and our only requirement is that the place have 3 bedrooms. My partner works downtown and I commute to school in San Marcos, so it makes no sense that we'd rent anywhere else, but everything in the area is just ridiculous or only 2 bedrooms. And the apartment complexes that do have 3+ bedrooms seem to think they are doing you a favor by even letting you apply, and many have some serious standards (like each tenant make 3x the rent - which doesn't work for me because I'm a SAHM and a student).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I figured I'd give posting this here a shot... who knows.

Our craigslist "housing wanting" ad is here: Too long to the tl;dr set, just a warning

Thanks for reading.